April or Not, Christ Awaits a Fool’s Return

“The god of this age has blinded (fooled) the minds of unbelievers so they cannot see the light of the gospel of the glory of Christ, who is the image of God. – 2 Corinthians 4:4”

“For even though they knew God, they did not honour Him as God or give thanks, but they became futile in their speculations, and their foolish heart was darkened. Professing to be wise, they became fools. – Romans 1:21-22”


‘April Fool’ or ‘All Fools’ day
Celebrates every earthly race
Calling today to hear about fools
Learning lessons untaught in schools
No less than a revelation truthful
April or not…Hey-Hue-Hoe-Hum
Christ awaits a fool’s return

‘My tongue I can’t control!’
Rattles a foolish soul
Gossiping and slandering endlessly
Cussing vanity, expletives and flattery
No less than venomous sting deathly
April or not…Hey-Hue-Hoe-Hum
Christ awaits a fool’s return

‘My anger I can’t control!’
Explodes a foolish soul
Gnashing teeth, grinding floors
Banging of fists and doors
No less than a murderer sore
April or not…Hey-Hue-Hoe-Hum
Christ awaits a fool’s return

‘Obsession over myself I can’t control!’
Parades so a foolish soul
Over beauty, talent, wealth, status, ancestry lauds sole
Doing things to please people, faking within
Showing off self in deep conceit
April or not…Hey-Hue-Hoe-Hum
Christ awaits a fool’s return

‘My appetite I can’t control!’
Growls a foolish soul
Living belly for the food, food for the belly
Tingling carnal senses over roast and curry
No less than an abominable idolatry
April or not…Hey-Hue-Hoe-Hum
Christ awaits a fool’s return

‘My sexual desires, perversions I can’t control!’
Gasps a foolish soul
Craving porn images and sensuous movies
Leching with eyes, lusting within secretly
No less than grave adultery
April or not…Hey-Hue-Hoe-Hum
Christ awaits a fool’s return

‘My love for money I can’t control!’
Clinks and clanks a foolish soul
Accumulating more than required
Spending lavishly with pride
No less than a needle’s eye
April or not…Hey-Hue-Hoe-Hum
Christ awaits a fool’s return

‘Don’t teach me, I know it all!’
Trumpets a foolish soul
Speaking highly of self and none other
Esteeming self better than others
No less than the proudest Lucifer
April or not…Hey-Hue-Hoe-Hum
Christ awaits a fool’s return

‘I’ll give you wisdom from above!’
Makes an offer, Christ, the Son of God
Fearing the one True God is beginning of all wisdom
Replacing Christ with man-made, false gods is beginning of all foolishness
God’s folly greater than man’s wisdom
April or not…Hey-Hue-Hoe-Hum
Christ awaits a fool’s return

‘What must we fools do so?’
Pour out our foolish souls
Returning to Christ who alone saves
Submitting to the One who revives
No less than true repentance
April or not…Hey-Hue-Hoe-Hum
Christ awaits our humble return

‘Through my Spirit you can control!’
Promises, Christ, God’s own Word
Mortifying your flesh on the cross
Resurrecting your life in the Spirit
No less than becoming like Christ
April or not…Hey-Hue-Hoe-Hum
Christ receives our repenting return

Demon Mother

My dear son to you I write
Hope you understand my plight
Confessing with great pain
How I cringed with disdain

I don’t know how you’d react
Reading these beastly facts
About your mother now asleep
May God help you to forgive

Days I overused the rod
Teary nights it brought
Anger on you I’d unleash
Realised my love was selfish

I often lost my temper
Calling you names severe
In decibels harsh and loud
I did scream and shout

At your tender age
Persecution on you I laid
Harsh words inflicting wounds
I wish they unwound

While I wanted your best
Weak methods I thrust
While abode in tyrant abyss
Repented for my wickedness

Your mother changed her ways
Freed from demonic sways
“I am sorry, my son dear”
Please forgive your mother

Jesus will perfect that which concerns you!

You say, my idleness is dire; In His Word God said, you I’ve hired
(Mark 16:15)

You say, what good can come from me; In His Word God said, that you leave it to Me (John 1:46)

You say, my life’s dark and dingy; In His Word God said, then let Me tidy
(Genesis 1:2)

You say, i’ve always failed; In His Word God said, along with Me be nailed
(Galatians 5:24)

You say, i’ve tried all possible ways; In His Word God said, did you try the ONLY Way? (John 10:1)

You say, what Way is this now?; In His Word God said, ‘tis Jesus, the lamb from above (John 14:6)

You say, ok, what must I then do?; In His Word God said, repent, confess sin hitherto (Matthew 3:2)

You say, what Lord, do you require from me; In His Word God said, be just and kind, daily with Me walk humbly (Micah 6:8)

You say, ok, but it may get murkier and sinister; In His Word God said, My angels I’ve commanded to minister (Psalms 91:11)

You say, will the Way be fun and rosy?; In His Word God said, far from cosy and posy (Hebrews 5:8)

You say, oh no! then I’d be sick and wounded; In His Word God said, by the Chief Shepherd you’ll be tended (Psalms 23:1)

You say, this Way isn’t attractive like the counterfeits; In His Word God said, I work out exquisite designs, not phoney (Jeremiah 29:11)

You say, help me Lord, help my unbelief; In His Word God said, I’ve made promises that I intend to keep (2 Corinthians 1:20)

You say, all along teach me Lord, I want to follow You; In His Word God said, I will perfect that which concerns you! (Psalms 138:8)

Stairway to Heaven!

When you are despised,
Spoken evil about
Be not dismayed nor cringe
Rather pause and think
If you gossiped insane
About else or anyone

When you are rejected,
Shut out from groups
Be not dismayed nor cringe
Rather pause and think
If you banged the door
On others or clicked off your phone

When you are cheated,
Fooled or ridiculed
Be not dismayed nor cringe
Rather pause and think
If you fooled someone
Albeit minor kid or was it none?

When you realise
You’ve been set up for failure
Be not dismayed nor cringe
Rather pause and think
If you ever did the same
To someone else in your life

So, I found this better way in Christ
To deal with inconsistencies of life
Instead of cowering in self-pity
I’d rather rise and use the opportunity

Instead of judging others
I’d rather scan my character
Instead of sweating over small stuff
I’d rather my weaknesses snuff

Almost every check and scan
Reveals wickedness of my inner man
I quickly ask forgiveness from Christ
To repent His Grace doth suffice

It seems stupid and painful initially
But as you practise daily
An inward cleansing you engage
Can’t miss that remarkable change

Fellow Christian, I am a work-in-progress
So if you see me way below standards
Please look at Christ as He helps me
Gradually His character exchanging with me

Narrow maybe the treading path
Best is the blood-stained promenade
Where every adversity hurled
Into a stepping stone it turns

Am astounded at the speed
You and I can gallop ahead
Though evil in seamless proportion
With Christ, it’s a stairway to heaven!

Vengeance Is Mine, Says the Lord…

Ambushed by scheming sly
Fight or flight was my plight

Wickedness engulfed
Stood still terrified

Well-wishers every day
Advised “Run away!”

Where to run to?
How to fend through?

Politics seen galore
Could take hate and more

But sexual harassment?
Least expected this torment

Drained my confidence
Crumbled me to ruins

Kept mum fearing the bond
The team shared strong

When evil descended
Holy Ghost me defended

With Christ around
Protection did abound

Yet was I wounded and deeply hurt
Evil were those whom I’d trusted

Silence did surround
Fear wrapped around

How unrighteous flourish
Their schemes they lavish

Why should I succumb
Thought why not expose them

Fought back robustly
Yet they overpowered me

Then broke down when alone
Tears of anger wet my pillow

Helplessly trembled
Deep groaning fumbled

Cried to my Maker
Completely shaken

No words escaped
My heart cried aloud

Pass me not by, O Lord
Speak to me, O God!

Avenge me Lord, is there justice?
Will You fight my cause please

Wept till no more tears
Awaited His voice to hear

Slept off with tears dried
Wished morrow never arrived

Then I heard Christ’s voice still and small
“See your Protection standing tall

He who touches Mine
Touches the apple of My eye

I have borne your pain and hurt
When I walked on this earth

Be not dismayed, don’t grudge them
Put away hatred, don’t judge them

Your sin is, you please people
You trust people more and Me feeble

Check your interactions and demeanour
Seek to please God in everything and ever

Better it is to trust God than
To put your trust in any human

Repent from this sin
Rise up, do not give in

Forgive them with character from above
Be wise as serpent and harmless as dove

Seek not to take revenge
Pray for their deliverance

In due time, I’ll visit wicked ways
For vengeance is mine, I will repay”

I woke up refreshed
Though unaware what awaited

Glad God revealed me my sin
Repented from deep within

I will trust in God alone
and please Him and people none

Though am still stalked by worry
I believe aloud, MY GOD CARES FOR ME!

Romans 12:18, 19
If possible, so far as it depends on you, be at peace with all men. Never take your own revenge, beloved, but leave room for the wrath of God, for it is written, “VENGEANCE IS MINE, I WILL REPAY,” says the Lord.

Desert Bloom

How come you bloom
Amidst sorrow and gloom
How come you dance
Amidst the fiery lance

How come the desert sun
Doesn’t scorch you nor burn
How come you are beautiful
Despite your thorn and thistle

How you encourage and inspire
How you never complain nor tire
How you wait and always tolerate
How you raise up your praise

Whence cometh your strength
Amidst acute torment
Whence cometh your joy
Amidst enemy’s iniquitous ploy

Tell me now, tell me how to survive
Amidst the future bleak and futile
Tell me how to be calm and hope
Amidst the confusion how to cope

I think I understand the secret
To your joy and life with no fret
You depend on a source from High
Christ who to thee is ever nigh

Ah! The key to your joy is intriguing
In the company of faithful suffering
Lies neat and right your blessing
Emptiness cannot stop your singing and dancing!

Who Is My Greatest Enemy?

Is it the cabbie who returns no change?
Is it the lady grabbing fourth seat in train?
Is it the auto-driver who rigs the meter?
Is it jungle encroaching the perimeter?

Is it the shopkeeper with incorrect scales?
Is it the idle woman carrying tales?
Is it the newspaper that blares wars?
Is it the heaven or shooting stars?

Is it the bus that never comes on time?
Is it the pot holes, muck and grime?
Is it the competitor who stole ideas?
Is it the nature causing paranoia?

Is it the teacher favouring someone?
Is it the property causing division?
Is it the bill passed by government?
Is it the delayed monsoon?

Is it the economic recession?
Is it the women’s liberation?
Is it the politician who lies?
Is it the mosquito that bites?

Is it the inflated onion price?
Is it the hospitals on strike?
Is it the booth that dilutes milk?
Is it the flooding river’s silt?

Is it the rich alone becoming rich?
Is it the poor getting poorer still?
Is it the boss who insults publicly?
Is it the earth shaking violently?

Is it the wife betraying the spouse?
Is it the filth or disorder in the house?
Is it the joblessness?
Is it the land’s barrenness?

Is it the slump in share market?
Is it the data furnished incorrect?
Is it hunger, sleeplessness or sickness?
Is it the thunder, cyclone or wilderness?

Is it the organisation that shut down?
Is it the riotous mob’s frown?
Is it the school with exorbitant fees?
Is it the pollution in the seas?

And so with a list that went on endless
I turned to hear what the Bible tells
Pointing these as opportunities
It unfurled the truth about enemies

Enemy’s trait is to hide and vanquish
Quietly attacking, unknown to the victim
So the enemy’s not in the open? I ask
Bible said, “it’s within, hidden behind a mask”

And so I peered within me and was aghast
There they were all, huddled and held fast
Anger, fear, complain, murmur, laziness, jealousy
Were names of few of my enemies

They sneered at me, growled back
I felt totally unequipped and lacked
I grabbed my earthly weapon
The Bible said, “with these you can’t win!”

Then I thought, if I let them be
Then they too would let me be
The Bible warned, “their sole aim,
Is to destroy your spiritual and entire frame”

Seeing the gloom on my face
Bible advised, “First repent from evil ways,
Then in faith wear the armour of God
Press forward and conquer the lot”

As I obeyed, I could subdue
What joy filled through
Conquer I can my enemies
Through the Lord Jesus Christ’s Grace

And these enemies seemed
Deriving strength within deep
The Bible further opened my eyes
Enthroned deep and gloating was ‘I’

‘I’ prided and ruled the roost
All other enemies did it boost
Now how to fight this one? I thought
Bible said, “Deny your ‘self’ and pick up the Cross”

The Bible tells the Truth as it always told
Denying my ‘self’ and picking my Cross
Is so powerful, the enemy surrendered
Grace took over, out the enemy tumbled

How I rejoice over God’s love
And the Bible, God’s Word, from above
This truth the Bible helped me see
The fallen ‘I’ or ‘Me’ is my greatest enemy