Demon Mother

My dear son to you I write
Hope you understand my plight
Confessing with great pain
How I cringed with disdain

I don’t know how you’d react
Reading these beastly facts
About your mother now asleep
May God help you to forgive

Days I overused the rod
Teary nights it brought
Anger on you I’d unleash
Realised my love was selfish

I often lost my temper
Calling you names severe
In decibels harsh and loud
I did scream and shout

At your tender age
Persecution on you I laid
Harsh words inflicting wounds
I wish they unwound

While I wanted your best
Weak methods I thrust
While abode in tyrant abyss
Repented for my wickedness

Your mother changed her ways
Freed from demonic sways
“I am sorry, my son dear”
Please forgive your mother


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