Hashtag Rags

The pretty and plush woman sat hash tagging into her latest bling device. Let’s call her the ‘plush lady’. She was beautiful and more so stunningly adorned. The pashmina stole with exquisite design, which was delicately knotted around her elegant, marble neck glistened in the sun light that streamed from the magnificently large lounge window she was seated next to in the restaurant. Her stately personality earned her appreciation from every onlooker. She knew she had many admirers.

Another diner in a nearby open restaurant noticed one end of the plush lady’s stole trailing into the garden pot that perched on the low window sill. Let’s call her ‘fellow diner’. “Oh dear, the costly stole seems to be soaking and coating in the wet muddy water of the garden pot”, she thought. Before long, the plush lady while adjusting the stole, pulled the delicate stole’s one end to the table raking with it grainy chunks of mud and grime all around the place she was seated, dirtying her delicate robe and fine shoes as well. The fellow diner immediately scurried to the plush lady and tried signalling her of what was actually happening. The plush lady didn’t care for the creature who seemed to be saying something. With annoyance writ large on her face, the plush lady feigned ignorance and thought, “What could a menial nothing of substandard looks and lifestyle have anything at all to say to her?” The fellow diner tried with all her strength and understanding to explain the mess that the plush lady was into. Alas, all fell on stubbornly deaf ears!

Then when the plush lady arose to leave, her stole, which by now looked like any other filthy rag, and her dirtied shoes and robe, stained the entire path she tread, completely oblivious of what was happening with her, around her and because of her. She gently adjusted the stole above her head to cover her gorgeous hairdo unaware of the progressive staining. Yet the plush lady walked with gait and elegance bathed under her super rich self-esteem.

The fellow-diner helplessly looked on, praying for her to gain an attitude to listen the Truth one day!

Isaiah 64:6 All of us have become like one who is unclean, and all our righteous acts are like filthy rags; we all shrivel up like a leaf, and like the wind our sins sweep us away.


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