The Wise Surgeon

The surgeon’s secretary deeply apologised over phone specifying the need to re-schedule the surgery, although a minor one. The patient’s husband was obviously angered as they had spent huge volumes travelling all the way for this treatment. It was a very simple operation requiring minimal yet critical intervention. Re-scheduling this treatment did not make any sense. The patient, a famous singer, was to undergo a vocal-cord nodule removal. The husband demanded an immediate, face-to-face meeting with the surgeon, who was also famous in his field. The surgeon being a fine, humble man, yet unable to deny the truth and wanting to effectively convey the same, agreed to meet the gentleman.

On the day of appointment, the husband stepped into the surgeon’s cabin and stretched his hand for a gentleman handshake. The surgeon however, could not do so with his fractured hand that was still plastered. That explained it all!
The surgeon smiled and explained the tragedy and how it rendered him unequipped to operate on his wife’s vocal cord nodule, even though it was a very minor operation. The surgeon gesturing to his fractured arm, humbly explained, “I need to first get my hand in good shape before I can use it to help others.” The husband got the message more so at the backdrop of the surgeon’s humble acknowledgement of his current inability stating, “With a log in my hand I am unable to pull out the speck from your wife’s throat!” At this humour from the surgeon, both the men burst into a hearty laughter and settled for the best possible solution at the moment.

Matthew 7:3 – Consider the beam in your eye, before you behold the mote in your brother’s eye.


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