Desert Bloom

How come you bloom
Amidst sorrow and gloom
How come you dance
Amidst the fiery lance

How come the desert sun
Doesn’t scorch you nor burn
How come you are beautiful
Despite your thorn and thistle

How you encourage and inspire
How you never complain nor tire
How you wait and always tolerate
How you raise up your praise

Whence cometh your strength
Amidst acute torment
Whence cometh your joy
Amidst enemy’s iniquitous ploy

Tell me now, tell me how to survive
Amidst the future bleak and futile
Tell me how to be calm and hope
Amidst the confusion how to cope

I think I understand the secret
To your joy and life with no fret
You depend on a source from High
Christ who to thee is ever nigh

Ah! The key to your joy is intriguing
In the company of faithful suffering
Lies neat and right your blessing
Emptiness cannot stop your singing and dancing!


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