Summer Won’t Be Summer Always!

The grasshopper played his violin enjoying the pleasant summer after a long harsh winter. Now he wanted someone to dance to his tune and so hollered out to the ants. But the ants as usual had work to do, and boy they enjoyed their work too! How could anyone have fun with hard labour, thought the grasshopper. “Fools, you ant, the winter has just gone by and you are already back to work? Aw come on now, leave your humdrum and enjoy this soothing sunshine, the fresh blades shooting forth and the plenteous food and comfort. Let’s make merry and live.”

The ants continued their single file, some carrying bits of leaves, some with food particles, some tending to the young and old, etc. They clearly knew what and why they were doing it. They did not feel the need to provide an explanation to the grasshopper but only told him to be ready at all times, as summer wouldn’t be summer always, and that weather change was imminent, be it the floody monsoon, harsh winter or scorching sun.

The mantis in his solemn praying stance from a nearby stalk retorted to the ants, “Now, now, don’t overdo it, why worry about tomorrow. I pray and surrender everything to my Maker and so I don’t have to do anything.”

The prince of ants finally spoke, first to the grasshopper and then to the mantis:
Hopping along all day
Is so much fun you say
But you forget the winter
When you begged stinker

Near the storehouse you lingered
Weak, thirsty, dirty and hungered
Repent and learn from your past
Summer won’t always last

True, tomorrow will take care of itself
Sufficient thereof is today’s evil
But that verse refers to anxiety
However, work we must diligently

Faith without action is dead
Work accountable unto the Head
All pray and no work is laziness sly
It is sinful for you from work to shy

God savours the smell of labour
Trusting Him in all endeavours
Don’t be a burden any further
Rather share burdens of other

Judgement day soon will be here
God then your life’s account will hear
Path of Cross those who didn’t tread
Will partake of hell and its dread

The ants returned to their chores, mundane though it be, cos the sound of impending trumpet forever kept the ants alert and active.

Proverbs 6:6
Go to the ant, you sluggard; consider its ways and be wise!


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