Who Is My Greatest Enemy?

Is it the cabbie who returns no change?
Is it the lady grabbing fourth seat in train?
Is it the auto-driver who rigs the meter?
Is it jungle encroaching the perimeter?

Is it the shopkeeper with incorrect scales?
Is it the idle woman carrying tales?
Is it the newspaper that blares wars?
Is it the heaven or shooting stars?

Is it the bus that never comes on time?
Is it the pot holes, muck and grime?
Is it the competitor who stole ideas?
Is it the nature causing paranoia?

Is it the teacher favouring someone?
Is it the property causing division?
Is it the bill passed by government?
Is it the delayed monsoon?

Is it the economic recession?
Is it the women’s liberation?
Is it the politician who lies?
Is it the mosquito that bites?

Is it the inflated onion price?
Is it the hospitals on strike?
Is it the booth that dilutes milk?
Is it the flooding river’s silt?

Is it the rich alone becoming rich?
Is it the poor getting poorer still?
Is it the boss who insults publicly?
Is it the earth shaking violently?

Is it the wife betraying the spouse?
Is it the filth or disorder in the house?
Is it the joblessness?
Is it the land’s barrenness?

Is it the slump in share market?
Is it the data furnished incorrect?
Is it hunger, sleeplessness or sickness?
Is it the thunder, cyclone or wilderness?

Is it the organisation that shut down?
Is it the riotous mob’s frown?
Is it the school with exorbitant fees?
Is it the pollution in the seas?

And so with a list that went on endless
I turned to hear what the Bible tells
Pointing these as opportunities
It unfurled the truth about enemies

Enemy’s trait is to hide and vanquish
Quietly attacking, unknown to the victim
So the enemy’s not in the open? I ask
Bible said, “it’s within, hidden behind a mask”

And so I peered within me and was aghast
There they were all, huddled and held fast
Anger, fear, complain, murmur, laziness, jealousy
Were names of few of my enemies

They sneered at me, growled back
I felt totally unequipped and lacked
I grabbed my earthly weapon
The Bible said, “with these you can’t win!”

Then I thought, if I let them be
Then they too would let me be
The Bible warned, “their sole aim,
Is to destroy your spiritual and entire frame”

Seeing the gloom on my face
Bible advised, “First repent from evil ways,
Then in faith wear the armour of God
Press forward and conquer the lot”

As I obeyed, I could subdue
What joy filled through
Conquer I can my enemies
Through the Lord Jesus Christ’s Grace

And these enemies seemed
Deriving strength within deep
The Bible further opened my eyes
Enthroned deep and gloating was ‘I’

‘I’ prided and ruled the roost
All other enemies did it boost
Now how to fight this one? I thought
Bible said, “Deny your ‘self’ and pick up the Cross”

The Bible tells the Truth as it always told
Denying my ‘self’ and picking my Cross
Is so powerful, the enemy surrendered
Grace took over, out the enemy tumbled

How I rejoice over God’s love
And the Bible, God’s Word, from above
This truth the Bible helped me see
The fallen ‘I’ or ‘Me’ is my greatest enemy


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