Selfless Love

This is a short story
Of a rose oh so lovely
Yet all with it wasn’t right
Despite the sun shining bright

The lovely rose wept
Silently when it slept
Not a sigh nor rustle
Yet, deep within wrestled

Why should I live with thorns
When I, the nature adorn
While I radiate aura without
Deep within hatred I spout

Amidst these thorns
I am empty and forlorn
They pierce me when I sway
Jubilee is so far away

Thus rose struggled
Even more perturbed
When the Gardener instructed
To love even thorns whole-hearted

I can for once live indifferent
But with them I’m intolerant
I just can’t love those unlovely
Knowing well, me a sinner You loved me

I just can’t love, O Lord!
I remember all their wrong
They schemed against me, hurt me
How Lord, can I love my enemy?

Please help me, O! Gardener!
As a King, You did thorns wear
But You did with genuine love
Not faking, pure love from above

The Gardener heard rose’s honest cry
Rose’s sinful hatred and heavenly desire
Reached out to help with Grace
Yearned rose to be delivered from hate

You hate because you are proud
Esteeming self, more than you ought
You do not credit your Maker
For your ability and caliber

You despise the weak and failing
Forgetting God you is holding
Compare yourself not with weaker
But with Christ, the Redeemer

God made roses, thorns, et al
Said ‘It is good’ when saw ’em all
The Respecter of none
Came to remove man’s sin

Rose, you forget the sin
Thence from you were delivered
You pride today in your goodness
Thinking no end of yourselves

You who are mature in Christ
Bear others’ weakness infinite
Seek to do Father’s will always
In Jesus name, love all in your way

Look at the Faith Author and Finisher
Rather than blemishes of other
Remember, Father look at you only could
Through His Son Jesus’ Blood

Repent rose from self-pity
Pride, hatred, and animosity
Wrap your ‘self’ with His Grace
To love all of Adam’s race

Rose repented of the sin
To have despised kith and kin
Having bitterness harbored
Against those from the fold

So rose with Gardener’s help tried
In every step to love, something died
The dying rose now with changed sight
Saw the thorn in the beauty of Christ

So while the thorn remained a thorn
God helped rose be again born
With a heart filled with selfless love
Replaced hate with love to all serve

That night the storm raged
The thorns well stabbed
Rose swayed and bled
Gazing on Christ, hate fled

The rising sun was joyous
To see a smiling rose
Albeit with scars and bruises
Rose embraced thorns and thistles

Thus ends the short story
Of a rose oh so lovely
When in Christ, all is right
Whether the sun shines or not bright 🙂

Romans 5:8 …but God shows his love for us in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us.


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