A God-Anointed Ministry – by Rowena Thomas

Excellent article and much needed in our times…

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Are you Truly Anointed for God's Service Are you Truly Anointed for God’s Service

If we desire to serve God’s purpose in our generation, it’s a good desire, however, we must abide by the rules laid down in God’s Word, so that the devil won’t end up having the last laugh.

Scripture, presents us with 2 great examples in this regard. One being , Jesus our forerunner, who did not sin even once, and the other, the Apostle Paul, who was a sinner, just like us. As Scripture reveals the life and ministry of these two men , we will do well to learn from their examples in the following aspects on account of which they received an anointed Ministry from God Himself.

  1. Faithfulness in small things, in the hidden place, be it at home or in the work spot and their desire to overcome sin when no one was watching them. See Heb 5:7-10 and 1…

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