Bondy’s seedy affair (a short story)

Bondy's seedy affair

Bondy had lied. He lied to his mother that he had not eaten the big mango from the dinner table. Using his famed dramatics he managed to convince his mother. The tears, the strained emotions that he managed to force through to his expressions seemed to have worked the magic. And yes, he was adept in his psychomotors as well. He was quick to pick up the huge mango seed that he had carefully hidden from his mum, rush to his windowsill and flung it high and far away into the nearby woods, so there was left no evidence at home. None knew that it was he who had eaten that forbidden mango. All had been taken care of, he thought as he slipped into a disturbed slumber.

Suddenly, a groggy Bondy was woken up to a very surprising scene. He was stunned by what he saw. Next to his windowsill stood two trees. And a gardener stood by. The trees had the appearance of a mango tree, but yet looked different. Stumbling he walked towards the windowsill to take a closer look at them.

The tree that was closest had discoloured, withered leaves. The fruits thereof were unappealing and ugly to look at. Worms seemed to crawl everywhere. And very strangely the tree’s shade also seemed to have a poisonous effect. Death seemed to walk boldly around the tree. It was a ghastly sight. Looking at the question on Bondy’s face, the gardener called out to him, “Ahoy Bondy! Wondering which tree is this? Well, a tree is known by its seed. A mango seed will always bring forth mango fruits, an apple seed will always bring forth apples and likewise. A rotten seed will bring forth rottenness and not any good will come out of it. Watch out for the seed boy!”

Bondy quickly turned to look at the seed of the tree. Beneath the ground, the tree’s seed name was labelled in huge letters. It was titled, “LIE”. He then searched for the fruits. Each of the fruits of the “LIE” tree were named, ‘fear’, ‘guilt’, ‘coward’, ‘trickster’, ‘cheater’, ‘sorrow’, ‘crime’, etc. There were many more of the likes. His attention specially was caught by one of the biggest fruits on the tree that was titled, ‘father of all lies’. Bondy gulped the discomfort and fear that seemed to envelope him now.

Not liking the experience with the tree that was closer, he craned to get a better view of the tree that was at the farthest corner. Now it was very soothing and quite a treat to watch that tree!

The trunk of that tree was sturdier and a lot healthier although with bruises here and there. The tree was beautiful, with glistening green leaves, mouth-watering, luscious fruits. Chirping birds had made their abode in it. Many travellers moved around in its shade. Life was teeming around this tree. He remembered the gardener’s voice and turned to learn about the seed. And there beneath the ground, the tree’s seed was labelled in huge letters titled, “TRUTH”. He then searched for the fruits. Each of the fruits were named as, ‘bold’, ‘fearless’, ‘peace’, ‘persistent’, and many more. His attention was caught by one of the biggest fruits on the tree that was labelled, ‘the truth shall set you free’. Amazingly, Bondy felt at peace and heard the gardener shout back, “What you sow, so shall you reap. Invest in good seeds, keep off the evil ones and you shall live, Bondy!”

Just when he decided to pluck the largest fruit off the “TRUTH” tree, his mum’s loud call woke up Bondy from his dream. He quickly rushed out of his house in search of the mango seed he had stealthily thrown away last evening. On finding the seed he picked it up with a determination to confess the truth. He knew he could get a hard beating. But he almost heard the gardener saying, “Tough corrections today are better than the irreparable consequences or tasteless fruits later”.

Bondy felt liberated and alive now and was glad to have met the gardener in his dream.


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