The Power of Zero (a poem)

Everyone calls me a zero,
but I am a hero
ready for a furore.

By myself I am nil,
almost silent and still
having no power or will.

Surrounded by a hollow,
my pride I swallow
and in all humility I follow.

In great power I revel,
following numerals,
either singles or in multiples.

I am an empty brace,
equalled to a space
having power to expand at a speedy pace.

Be happy as a zero,
unlike any Nero,
our prowess none can veto.


This poem is currently participating at the Triversen contest (@robertleebrewer). A triversen is an 18-line poetic form developed by Sir William Carlos Williams. The Triversen rules include:

  • Each stanza equals one sentence.
  • Each sentence/stanza breaks into 3 lines (each line is a separate phrase in the sentence).
  • There is a variable foot of 2-4 beats per line.
  • The poem as a whole should add up to 18 lines (or 6 stanzas).

Thank you for stopping by. :)

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