Who comes knocking by now?

Knock Pic

Knock, knock
Woke Up Now (WUN): Who is it at this hour?
Wassup buddy!
WUN: Oh how’s you, I haven’t yet started my day…
It’s ok, you can have a great start by first responding to all those waiting messages. Quick, send some cute smileys, bouquets and you’ll feel good you are connected. People will love you for your quick turnarounds and for remembering them too.
WUN: Oh! Can you wait…how about beginning my day by first reading His message to me in His Word and by first connecting with Him…He’s got some wonderful messages that will put a smile on my face and lif…

Knock, knock
WUN: Who is it?
Just face it, you first need to connect with all your smiling friends across the globe. They are waiting for you!
WUN: Oh no, I was thinking of first gazing upon His face by meditating on His book and then seeking Him in prayer…
C’mon, you can share some interesting quotes and inspire others. What’s the use if you keep meditating but not share interesting messages, images, quotes, videos with your friendly faces? Their ‘Likes’ will boost your day! Hurry up now.
WUN: It ought not to be so, if I do not connect with my Maker, I’ll have no face to show to my friends and dear ones…btw the entire face race needs Him, not me for an inspir…

Knock, knock
WUN: Who is it again?
You’ve got mail! Here, some extremely important ones have come in…check if you’ve landed that lucrative job offer. Just hurry up before the day’s business catches you!
WUN: Oh, first I need to read those lucrative, timeless messages my Creator and Saviour has posted for me in His word. Everything else can wait…
Utter foolishness this is!
WUN: But Christ has chosen the foolish things of this world to confound the wise and…

Knock, knock
WUN: Now who is it?
I religiously notify your website and digital pages’ performances and you seem to see through me? Well ne’er mind…you are doing awesome and your fans are waiting for you, their hero! Hurry up and post something thrilling now.
WUN: There is no greater hero than Christ…I need to first connect with my God and hero, Christ…
Kaput, this sure is a loser’s trait!

Knock, knock
WUN: Who again?
I link you up with corporates, and is this how you respect me?
WUN: But I first need to link up with my God through His Word and meditati…
How unprofessional can you get?

Knock, knock
WUN: Who now?
Have been buzzing for some time now…can you please return the calls immediately and then respond to those zillion vibrating messages. Am tired of jigging around!
WUN: Wait…I first need to call upon my Creator God and connect with Him through His Word and meditation. You just wait…
And act like a total snob…my fate I’m stuck with you!

Knock, knock
WUN: Oh no not again! Just who is it now?
Have been chirping around…and you don’t seem to lend an ear?
WUN: I first need to listen to what He has to say in His Word.
But you can read those and other similar verses, cute messages and pictures shared in your network as well. Tons of good things are being chirped about eh! Don’t be a loser now…c’mon hurry up and chirp your 140 characters and read what others have to say as well!
WUN: Reading those plenty many scriptural verses, inspirations, and quotes will only keep me afloat awhile, but I want to learn to be a great swimmer. And fellowshipping with His Word equips me with life skills and besides, I have come to believe that, all that twitters is not told! I need to first draw from the very Source, my Maker! Not now, you just wait!

(*****a long pause after what seemed like a ripping struggle…a gentle move)
Knock, knock
WUN: Who is it?
I am standing at the door and knocking. If anyone listens to my voice and opens the door, I will come in to him and eat with him, and he will eat with me. (Rev 3:20)
WUN: Speak, Lord, Your servant hears! Help me to first seek Your kingdom and Your righteousness.


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