Introducing © ‘Bondy’ from The Bondy Series

Bondy is a fictitious character who is the protagonist in The Bondy Series of stories. He is supported by other characters including, Guindy – his elder sister, Maundy – his only aunt, Candy  – his cousin, his friends and various other characters that step in at different scenarios.


So what exactly is “The Bondy Series”?

The Bondy Series consists episodes based on an eight year old boy who goes through the critical learning of the basics of life. The writer and this blog owner aims to use this medium of stories to weave in moral and ethical values with an aim to highlight the good from the bad and the corresponding repercussions. The stories will mainly focus on the daily emotions (controlled and uncontrolled) that seem to wire us humans. Of course using interesting characters and adventures!

The objective of The Bondy Series is to emphasize the importance of living ethically and right. The stories will also aim to highlight the consequences of unethical, sinful lifestyle. The idea is to convey to children, the message of living right so that they nurture an attitude that is ethical, social and blessed! While the target audience is primarily children, the values and principles of living right definitely applies to all alike and so the stories will appeal to a larger mass, is the prayer of this writer!

A novice in this field, the writer has embarked on this journey of weaving short stories contributing towards the basics of living right in God’s sight. Hope to do His will. Wish me good and prayers please…I need it! Please share your feedback, advice, critique.

The first story titled, “Bondy Goes Fishing” is due to be released by the first week of April 2014. Stay tuned! 🙂

The character © Bondy (character name and image as shown above) used in © The Bondy Series are both copyrighted with this blog owner. Unauthorized use and/or duplication of the character Bondy, associated characters and The Bondy Series, without the express and written permission from its owner is strictly prohibited.

References to © Bondy or © The Bondy Series may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to the owner of the stories with appropriate and specific direction to the original content.


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