Well, that’s my job!

Once again Kikki decided to bunk her college today, third in a row. For the upcoming literary meet at her college, she was roped in as the Aesthetics Assistant, although the actual task was far from what the title sounded. She was highly talented with plenty many leadership skills. However, she felt the General Secretary (GS) had chosen her for a very menial task — trimming posters and then pasting them on strategic locations all across the college campus? That seemed so denigrating for a multi-talented person like Kikki. She was mad at the GS. It was already 10 am and Kikki lolled on her bed, her eyes shut and reminiscing over the critical activities that she could execute for the literary meet. Alas! This was the college’s loss, not hers, wasn’t it?

Suddenly, her wandering thoughts were interrupted by hushed voices. Or were these voices merely thoughts that cut her stressed mind? The voices spoke, some alarmed, some disturbed, and some agitated, some confident…

That's my job

Watch: Yawn! Well, it’s 10 am already and I guess I’m having a holiday today as well. Yoo-hoo! Am snoozing off then.

Goggles: Hmmn…same here. Anyway I don’t think I’d have much to do today. Did you notice how cloudy and thunderous it is outside? Sounds like a downpour to me, guys.

Doormat: Oh no! Sounds like overtime to me.

Tooth Brush: Ouch! Ditto. I wish I could switch jobs with Ms. Watching or Ms. Gog. I just so hate this job. No life at all. Always cleaning others’ mess. Always making others look good. To add injury, none notice our hardship nor commend us for having made that change in their life. Look at Gog, she has nothing to do except tinting the view! And she receives so much appreciation for that. Just look at us, Dorie!

Doormat: Oh! Toothie, don’t say that. This is our job much as that is theirs. We are only doing our duty. Only let us do it faithfully. Don’t focus on the changes we’ve brought in others’ lives. Rather focus on wholeheartedly doing what we’ve been hired or ordained for. I think fulfilling that objective without expecting any appreciation should be satisfying enough. Otherwise it will be difficult to pull on.

Watch: Baaah, cut it off guys, I need some sleep now. And you, Dorie, don’t you over estimate yourselves. People just can’t do without me. Do you know what it takes to earn fans?

Doormat: That is true. But you can’t take the pressures of life. Can you withstand if anyone trampled upon you? How’d you handle if you were at the receiving end of dirt and muck?

Ms. Watching you are an eye-stealer not because of how you do your job, but merely because of your exhibits.

Goggles: Now that is too much of snobbery, getting out of control eh? Do you disagree that people go gaga over me because I help change people’s perspective?

Doormat: Right and people take you off while viewing a rainbow. Why is that so, Gog? Is it because you tend to fake the genuine view?

Flip Flop: Guys! Just hold it. It is all about loving what you do. Not about comparing our job with others’. Let’s put our heart into what we do and respect the role that others play. Each of us need to operate within our jurisdiction to the expectation and satisfaction of what we’ve been hired for.

Once I just did not know how to get rid of my mucky mess, when Dorie came to my rescue. She smiled and welcomed me to rub off all the muck on her. I did so and walked away all cleansed. When I turned to thank Dorie, there she was with her smile just so intact. I asked her how could she be still smiling with all that muck on her? She softly responded, “Well, that’s my job.”

While for some of us appreciation means the world, for a few it is just a matter of doing your job thoroughly for a pure self-satisfaction. There is no job that is greater than the other. Let’s do what has been entrusted to us, with all our heart.

Kikki suddenly snapped out of her mid-morning doze. Ghosh! As usual, her beautiful watch had forgotten to buzz yet again, she thought. Much against her earlier made choice, she decided to rush to college today and begin her work for the literary event.

Before stepping out, she gently brushed her feet on the doormat. She could almost hear, ‘Well, that’s exactly my job’! Kikki smiled and rushed out. She had a lot of posters to trim.


9 thoughts on “Well, that’s my job!

  1. I love the flair of the language and use of words. I have not read anyone with this kind of imagination woven in words.

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