My brother’s last letter…

My brother had joined a Christian ministry as a celibate monk in the service of the Lord Jesus. Both I and my brother shared a thick bond always encouraging one another and patiently bearing with our mistakes. We shared almost all of life’s stories that we experienced individually. He was three years elder to me and didn’t do too well in his studies. After a wayward life, when he finally accepted the Lord, his life took a U-turn in complete submission to the Master.

He worked in a few organisations in the secular world before leaving for the full-time ministry. It was quite difficult initially as we could not stay connected any more. He was busy in his service to the Lord and I became busy with my new found job in the secular world. Apart from a few phone calls we hardly spoke. Then one day when I was extremely low in spirit and needed to speak, I wrote to him. In response I received a letter from my brother. This was his last letter to me, as he passed away soon after.

I cherish the love of Christ through his writing in this letter! He had snail mailed this letter to me. I had received this letter in one of the weakest moments of my life. I preserved this note for a long time till I realised the paper had parched enough and it would be good to digitalise it. But the love and meaning of the words stayed intact.

Here’s my brother’s last letter to me. I have attempted to mask a few names and places as they were not required to be revealed in the digital version.


Praise the Lord. Thursday, Adyar
2.45 a.m.

Dear sister,

Sweet greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

i am fine here by the grace of God dwelling here in the house of God.

i read your letter sent by Brother S. – glad (and did expect) to know that the great God is still leading you amidst (your so thought) mess. Also glad to know your description of Paati’s home calling.

Won’t be able to write much now as you know the time (top right corner). Dear sister, i the chief sinner am watching the demonstration of the grace of God in me. My day starts at 3.55 a.m. with morning praising and ends at night 1 a.m. in the chain prayer. Some times a few minutes of sleep in the middle, but basically it is so interesting and exciting that there is no time to think about home, Vasai and even no time to fall sick. Oh! the way the Lord is undertaking my training amidst the usual demonstration of my stupid flesh at times.

A whole of brothers about 50 odd of us are undertaking training here at Adyar including a Mexican brother who is also my room colleague (and will be leaving in another two days as the first transferee), a doctor (MBBS) and so many like them. My seniors say, our batch is the most learned and educated one, but what i am doing is relaxing myself even as i am watching the Lord fulfil His word as recorded in Ruth 3:11 – “I WILL DO UNTO THEE, ALL THAT THOU REQUIREST.”

O.k. Now as far as you are concerned, let me tell you, child go ahead to FRANKLY show the Lord all your weakness for then He will show His strength to you. Oh! How can we show our strength to Him? Can we? He, The Ageless One, ever awake, breathed through every creation? Just think!! NO, NO – It should be His strength versus our weakness, and not our strength along with His strength.


So child relax, you are the best arena for the display of the Lord’s glory. IF THOU BELIEVEST, THOU SHALT SEE THE GLORY OF GOD – John 11:40. (Pastor M. is looking forward to see you and hear from you.)

Nothing more. As the Lord inspires pray for all of us here.

Praise the Lord.



5 thoughts on “My brother’s last letter…

  1. It is truly a precious awakening. But difficult life which is only possible with the immense grace of the lord to whom total submission works.

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