His perspective

black purse image
The other day I had much to praise God for. He not only watches over me but over my belongings too. After reaching home at around eight in the evening, I heard a knock at my door. I opened the door to our building Watchman. With a sombre expression he handed me my black purse. While he searched my eyes to read my thoughts, my heart skipped a beat. Where did he find it? He said the rickshaw Driver handed over the purse to him saying I had dropped it as I alighted. But the Watchman could not figure out the owner and so they had to open the purse to check for an identification. I went numb. At his appeal, I quickly checked to see if everything was intact and couldn’t thank enough! Everything was in place.

Sleep crept in a little late that night as my memory raced back to similar instances wherein with almost no effort, things have been returned to normalcy without me even being aware of my misses. So many times, the unexplainable happens at the most unexpected time. While we think that help would come from acquaintances, near and dear ones, it knocks on us from the most unexpected of sources. I considered the designs that could have tampered the conscience of the people who held the purse that evening. Or maybe they had no wrestle at all.

For me, the effort taken by the Driver and the Watchman were ‘sacrifices’ that they made that day to ensure the owner got back the purse. I thanked my God for such beautiful people around me and went down to ground zero, glorifying His gesture where ‘He saw everything that He had made, and indeed it was very good’. I seek to have His perspective.

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