The journey thus far…

What is this life if, full of care,
We have no time to stand and stare. (William Wordsworth, Leisure)

Nestled in a comforting posture on my bean bag and sipping from a cup of hot coffee while viewing nature’s beauty from my holiday apartment, I couldn’t thank God enough! The peaceful surrounding of the valley awakened my spirit and moved my being to reminisce the key moments of my life. It played out like a display screen before my eyes; and, what did I see? Graphically speaking, I saw my life lived thus far, illustrated as peaks and dips, and yes, a few plateaus here and there.

I was born and brought up in a Christian upbringing. Born to well-settled parents, I did not lack in material needs. However, a strong discipline in the Lord Christ Jesus was the order of the day at home and so most of my childhood and youth life was substantially invested in education as well as church activities.

At school, I loved leading initiatives (totally unaware then, of course!) that especially made a social impact. For example, the day my teacher was absent in school, I proactively owned my responsibility to ensure there was discipline and order in my classroom. I would make all children read from their respective text books and ensure there was no chaos in the classroom. This act of mine had gained so much recognition in the Teacher’s Staff room that in the absence of a teacher, I was soon appointed as the monitor to oversee classrooms, including senior grades. While I was fine in studies, I also desired to excel in sports. For the minimal training that I had, I managed to bag awards at the inter-school sports competitions in Discuss Throw and Shotput activities.

Life was easy and everything seemed to fall straight into my lap. With great ease I managed to complete my education on time and during the entire course, I happened to be a popular name around—in my college, church and neighbourhood. This seemed to be life and I felt I had experienced all that life had to offer!

Little did the caterpillar within the cocoon know that the real world awaited outside to throw the actual challenges of life! 🙂

After completing my education, I landed myself a corporate job and did extremely well. Soon I was faced with managing the delicate fabric of people interactions, which I found to be an inter-twined mesh of complex and simple relations and motives. Often things did not seem to happen the way I wanted. With changes and losses within the family, I had to make quite a few (not so dear!) changes. It did not seem to be a straightforward, ‘As you sow, so shall you reap’ lifestyle. The ‘wait period’ in many instances of transition seemed to be just unending. Those were the days when ‘disappointment’ and ‘discouragement’ were the only adjectives in my dictionary. However, due to the fellowship of the Lord Jesus Christ and a few dear friends and colleagues, I soon realised these were opportunities thrown my way and was motivated to use these challenges as stepping-stones. It was no stopping then. Life had unfolded a very different meaning this time. ‘Life is beautiful!’ is a phrase that I soon added to my dictionary. This experience had changed me from an ‘Individual Contributor’ role to a ‘Mentor’ role. Today, I am able to share my experiences and help others in their life’s journey as well.

My thoughts were interrupted when a colourful butterfly came fluttering by and rested on the window sill in front of me. As I sipped the last drop of coffee, I acknowledged that the most beautiful thing about life is that it has helped me mature, all along making me strong and capable. When challenges come my way, ‘panic’ is now replaced with ‘peace’ and ‘excitement’. I am able to analyse the matter, get to the root and calmly work out a solution.

I strongly believe that the journey is not yet over for me and that there are many more excitements awaiting me! 🙂


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