Small beginnings

“Hang them, torture them, kill them…,” fumed the crowd seething with anger over the gruesome rape and murder incident that shook the entire nation about a year ago. Newsrooms flooded with interviews. Debates were held. Systems were blamed. Solutions were discussed—harsher punishment, amendment of the constitution. Most discussions focussed on punishing the accused. Some suggested martial art training for women, additional police security, etc. I wondered if that would lead to ‘trained’ violence and if that was a solution at all.

Not much was heard about tackling the root of the issue. Few voices did suggest cleansing of movie scenes, masala songs and the like, but within no time were hushed down. As a follower of Christ, I too felt the pain and prayed for the situation and trusted God and His very many promises. But I needed my faith to be coupled with action. But how and what could a lone person do? I feared that if I pondered long enough with no action, I’d remain merely ‘thought and talked’.

I needed to begin and what better platform than my family folks. I then remembered, I loved telling stories. I soon found myself weaving in moral and ethical values into my stories with an aim to highlight the good from the bad and the repercussions. Soon my storytelling took a different turn. They focussed on the daily emotions (controlled and uncontrolled) that seem to wire us humans. Of course using interesting characters and adventures!

Soon I began penning these stories and here I am embarked on this long journey ahead. I know there won’t be any immediate results, but I could be a small, extended arm in furthering the seeds of ‘life’ sown by Christ.

A novice in many fields, including writing story books, I know I’ll be faced with challenges and probably dead ends too. Your advice, tips and critique remarks are always welcome! Thank you so much!

What More? Check back in for excerpts from the first volume in the next post…

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