Daily CBR – 22 July 2019

Numbers 28, John 6

Acknowledgement Note: Community Bible Reading (CBR) is a tool used to connect with God through the Bible – His Word and Spirit and helping organize the interaction in four key categories of Adoration, Confession, Thanksgiving and Supplication. Ruby Pearl Nathan’s daily notes here is her bible study in fellowship with the PowaiConnect church (powaiconnect@gmail.com or nathanakshith@gmail.com) The tool is a great blessing but all worship and glory is credited to Christ alone!

Please note that the thoughts and ideas here are the author’s and incorrect observations or processing in any of the post is the author’s own misunderstanding and nothing to do with the church. Please feel free to share corrections for the author at rubypearl.nathan@gmail.com. Thank you.

  • Adoration.
    I adore you Father for you seek the communion with your people. You laid down clear instructions for Israelites to be a sweet savor unto you.
    I adore you, Lord Jesus, fir your never sought the honor or glory of men and how deliberately you eluded the kingship offered by men. Only the King of Kings can do this. John 6.15
  • Confession.
    Forgive me Lord for not seeking after your righteousness. You have made living life very clear in your word, yet I turn a blind eye and a deaf ear to all that you have to tell me and offer me in the higher life. I am sorry, Lord.
    John 6.7 & 9 often is seen me where I don’t operate in your faith.
    Many times, I’m lost in the labor for self. I don’t find myself in the position of laboring for the kingdom of God. (John 6.27)
  • Thanksgiving.
    Thank you, Jesus, for you even consider the hunger of man. (John 6.3) Thank you so much for you think about our physical needs as well. In John 6.6 Lord Jesus you allow us opportunities to prove you just as you did with Philip. Help us to be tuned into the spirit to know your heart and prove your nature in us.  
    Thank you, Lord Jesus, for the words of eternal life are with you alone (John 6.68)
  • Supplication.
    Dear Holy Spirit, please help me to have the faith of our Lord Jesus Christ as in John 6.10. You accepted the little that the lad brought to you. You take the little faith and magnify it to bring glory to the Father. Help me to believe on Christ whom the Father hath sent for me. (John 6.29)
    Let this be my prayer too, dear Holy Spirit, to do your will alone and not mine. (John 6.38)