The Sulking Duckling

The young duck was nothing but beauty and brains. Let’s call her BB. Everyone was quick to befriend her. She was wonderful to talk to. But she was always sad, and very obvious at that. She sulked and sulked and sulked and sulked away!

God decided to meet her and ask her a few questions.

God: How are you?
BB (swollen, sulken face): Going on.
God: Why is your face fallen? Why you sad all the time?
BB: Don’t know why, but I feel what is left now, I’ve achieved everything.
God: Okay, can we have the privilege to fellowship with each other?
BB: Ok.
God: Where do you live?
BB: I live in the most popular address, the ‘only’ villa at the ‘only’ mountain top.
God: Okay. Could the ‘only-ness’ have created the ‘lonely-ness’?
BB: (concerned look and speechless…)
God: How did you manage to build such a luxurious house?
BB: I have one of the best jobs in the town that pays me much more than what I need.
God: Okay. Could the excess income have distracted you into ‘having’ more than what you need?
God: How did you get this job?
BB: I was a topper in the school and clearing the interview was a no-brainer. No one in the office can match my skills and decision-making ability.
God: Ok. Could it be that others who are far better than you in your office chose to be in low-profile for various reasons, thus your popularity at workplace?
BB: (wondering…)
God: So, you have everything going on pretty good materialistically for you. Why then this sadness?
BB: Well, I am bored of being popular in the same circle. I want to extend my popularity circle. I want to be known as number one by everyone in this world, something like, ‘The only best duck in the whole duck world.”
God: In short, you want to be Me?
BB (shocked and gradually realising the truth and then repentant): Yes, I see the point you make, O Great One! I repent and seek to be content with what I have.
God: You speak wisely now. Also, go mingle with the ‘have-nots’ and share your excess with them. Quit operating silo. Think how you can make others happy as well.
BB (grateful and happy): No one like you, Christ, my Saviour! Thank you for showing me my place and the Truth.


April or Not, Christ Awaits a Fool’s Return

“The god of this age has blinded (fooled) the minds of unbelievers so they cannot see the light of the gospel of the glory of Christ, who is the image of God. – 2 Corinthians 4:4”

“For even though they knew God, they did not honour Him as God or give thanks, but they became futile in their speculations, and their foolish heart was darkened. Professing to be wise, they became fools. – Romans 1:21-22”


‘April Fool’ or ‘All Fools’ day
Celebrates every earthly race
Calling today to hear about fools
Learning lessons untaught in schools
No less than a revelation truthful
April or not…Hey-Hue-Hoe-Hum
Christ awaits a fool’s return

‘My tongue I can’t control!’
Rattles a foolish soul
Gossiping and slandering endlessly
Cussing vanity, expletives and flattery
No less than venomous sting deathly
April or not…Hey-Hue-Hoe-Hum
Christ awaits a fool’s return

‘My anger I can’t control!’
Explodes a foolish soul
Gnashing teeth, grinding floors
Banging of fists and doors
No less than a murderer sore
April or not…Hey-Hue-Hoe-Hum
Christ awaits a fool’s return

‘Obsession over myself I can’t control!’
Parades so a foolish soul
Over beauty, talent, wealth, status, ancestry lauds sole
Doing things to please people, faking within
Showing off self in deep conceit
April or not…Hey-Hue-Hoe-Hum
Christ awaits a fool’s return

‘My appetite I can’t control!’
Growls a foolish soul
Living belly for the food, food for the belly
Tingling carnal senses over roast and curry
No less than an abominable idolatry
April or not…Hey-Hue-Hoe-Hum
Christ awaits a fool’s return

‘My sexual desires, perversions I can’t control!’
Gasps a foolish soul
Craving porn images and sensuous movies
Leching with eyes, lusting within secretly
No less than grave adultery
April or not…Hey-Hue-Hoe-Hum
Christ awaits a fool’s return

‘My love for money I can’t control!’
Clinks and clanks a foolish soul
Accumulating more than required
Spending lavishly with pride
No less than a needle’s eye
April or not…Hey-Hue-Hoe-Hum
Christ awaits a fool’s return

‘Don’t teach me, I know it all!’
Trumpets a foolish soul
Speaking highly of self and none other
Esteeming self better than others
No less than the proudest Lucifer
April or not…Hey-Hue-Hoe-Hum
Christ awaits a fool’s return

‘I’ll give you wisdom from above!’
Makes an offer, Christ, the Son of God
Fearing the one True God is beginning of all wisdom
Replacing Christ with man-made, false gods is beginning of all foolishness
God’s folly greater than man’s wisdom
April or not…Hey-Hue-Hoe-Hum
Christ awaits a fool’s return

‘What must we fools do so?’
Pour out our foolish souls
Returning to Christ who alone saves
Submitting to the One who revives
No less than true repentance
April or not…Hey-Hue-Hoe-Hum
Christ awaits our humble return

‘Through my Spirit you can control!’
Promises, Christ, God’s own Word
Mortifying your flesh on the cross
Resurrecting your life in the Spirit
No less than becoming like Christ
April or not…Hey-Hue-Hoe-Hum
Christ receives our repenting return